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Certified products in one place

Certified products in one place

Certification is an important means of presenting a company in demanding markets and is the key to successful export or import.

Decontamination adhesive mats are 30-layer polyethylene films that are glued to the floor before entering the protected area. They are mainly intended for the health, food, or energy industries.

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Our self-supporting plastic tanks and cesspools are reinforced with an internal steel structure and walkable, which allows them to be placed, for example, under a parking lot.

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Oil filtering

EKOL - recyklačné systémy, s.r.o.

Ekol recycling systems. In our company, we mainly operate technologies for the gravity separation of liquid waste, which make it possible to divide the mixed waste liquid into three phases: two liquid and one solid.

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Car petrol

ORLEN Unipetrol Slovakia s.r.o.

ORLEN Unipetrol Slovakia is part of the ORLEN Unipetrol group and is one of the leading companies in the Slovak wholesale market for fuels and lubricants. The company is engaged in the sale of fuels and lubricants produced by refineries of the ORLEN Unipetrol group - Czech Republic. In terms of the quantity sold, ORLEN Unipetrol Slovakia is one of the largest distributors of fuels and lubricants in Slovakia.

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Tomirtech s.r.o. is a trading company engaged in the distribution of technical products that serve as spare parts in industry, agriculture or transport.

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We are a company with more than sixty years of tradition and experience in the plastics industry. Currently, as a modern and dynamic European company, we offer the development, production and assembly of plastic moldings from 100 g to 5,000 g. Confirmation of the transformation into a modern production company is the fact that companies of such famous brands as Plzeňský Prazdroj, Coca-Cola, Mattoni, Phoenix Group have chosen us as their business partners or K. Hartwall…

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QUALITY PRODUCT is a European database that collects information on quality consumer products that declare and confirm their first-class quality with a valid certificate issued. Product (product) certification is a process that confirms product compliance with EU technical regulations. This compliance is supported by demanding tests in state testing facilities and accredited laboratories .

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A manufacturer that wants to establish itself among the competition on the market of industrialized countries must not only ensure an appropriate high level of product quality for its products, but also achieve demonstrable and long-term compliance with it. Certification is an important means of presenting a company in demanding markets and is the key to successful export or import.


Alfaplastic a.s.

"With Prva Certifikačná s.r.o. our company has been cooperating since 2021, when we were looking for a new partner for the implementation of legislatively mandated tests for our products. During this time, we have only encountered a professional approach, helpful employees and a willingness to approach individually to solve our needs."


"We are one of the leading manufacturers of roof coverings. We were very satisfied with the implementation of the certification, its consistency and speed.''

Ing. Martin Matvej

Connect s.r.o.

"Thank you for providing the certificate of our foam jigsaws. We appreciate your helpful behavior and valuable advice! We would be happy to recommend your company to all interested parties 😊 Cconnect s.r.o., Velvary"

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